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Martha (and Alice), Austria, Linz

I wanted to visit Poland long ago. Last summer for example our trip didn't take place because there was not enough people. This year I decide - why I would wait for somebody??? And I used the services of a private guide - Andrew Falkowski. Actually I was with my best friend Alice. So our trip was excellent. Thanks Andrew for your patience because I know we were not the best tourists you ever had:) But you did everything to show us Poland - as you know it. Now WE know Poland too! It's a very beautiful country!

Mary and Jordan, USA, Florida

We recently took an 11 night trip with Andrew as our private guide. The trip was outstanding. He arranged all the details according to our wishes and everything worked out great. He is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. We have taken multiple privately guided trips and we are sure that Andrew can provide a trip that you will always remember.

M Shah, UK.,

We had a wonderful time with Andrew and his team. We were a party of eight, and half wanted to go to Stuttoff - whom Andrew took and the rest were shown around by his colleague Anna. We all thought all of them were highly informative and very pleasant. Also very flexible. They had no problem to make a slight detour to take us anywhere we wanted to. Thank you all. It was a pleasure.

Karen Berkow, Toronto, Canada

Dear Mark - Andrew asked me to write to you with a reference for his services. We enjoyed our time with Andrew in Poland. He was extremely responsible and showed up at our ship promptly , and showed us a great deal in the time that we had. He was very personable and flexible. He was recommended to us from other friends, and we ,in turn, have recommended him to others as well.His involvement in our travel plans enhanced our trip, and we hope to do a more extensive trip, with his help, in the future.

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